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Ultimate Security of Wireless Networks is Coming with the New IQRF OS v4.00

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The brand new concept of “Interoperable - Simple - Secure” solution of the IQRF technology, a Wireless Platform for IoT, was presented in the end of the 2016. Now, it is being fulfilled by new versions of the OS v4.00 and the DPA protocol v3.00 bringing higher safety of wireless communication, security of transferred data and higher comfort for users. Interoperability of the whole IQRF Ecosystem is being presented via solutions and IoT applications by the IQRF Alliance members on a daily basis. Read more

IQRF at Embedded MtoM in Paris

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The Internet of Things is now part of our daily lives and naturally makes abundant use of this technology. Technology which has become vital: without it there would be no IoT and MtoM. And the data volumes carried are increasing in line with this growth.Connected items will therefore need to become ever smarter to provide and interpret data and to correctly present this information to the user. Read more

O2 IT Services wants to improve the air quality at schools. Prague students will test the project.

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O2 IT Services (O2 ITS), a subsidiary of O2 Czech Republic, is launching together with several partners the pilot project Smart City “Environment – Healthy school” in the area of air quality measurements. O2 ITS is attracting an attention to the issue of the optimal environment at schools and its impact on health and the focus of students and teachers. The project was launched in Frebruary this year and will last several months. Read more

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