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Czech Contest: The Best Student 2016


MICRORISC, founder of the IQRF Alliance and general sponsor of the IQRF Smart School program, organized a contest called The Best Student 2016 where the most active high school students and the most interesting projects were awarded. Read more

MicroSolutions: Simply, Quickly, Widely - Connect Your Devices Within Wireless Mesh Networks

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All of the smart systems and devices need to cooperate together and communicate. This is the biggest challenge on the way to the IoT. Nowadays more and more complex networks are needed to be put in life. They are used in smart cities, intelligent buildings and many field networked applications. The IQRF Alliance has a recipe how to make various products talk together in wireless mesh networks. Simply. Read more

IQRF Wireless Challenge II Finals: The best wireless applications designed Mark Wendler, Béla Bartos, Jiří Hodan, Csaba Nagy, Roman Ondráček, Daniel Veltruský and Tomáš Rottenberg

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IQRF Wireless Challenge II, the contest for the best wireless applications, revealed its winners. There were 47 contestants from 14 countries registered in the contest. The final round was an interactive exhibition of the top ten projects. It took place at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Czech Technical University in Prague on May 27, 2016. The best applications were designed by participants from the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania. Read more

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