IQRF open standard at Wireless Congress

Vladimír Šulc, CEO of IQRF Standards Association, presented the IQRF open standard and its features at the Wireless Congress in Munich. Awarded IQRF wireless mesh technology has been continuously developed since 2004, pioneering dozens of unique features and inventions, always addressing the market demands and expectations.

Industrial reliability, ultimate security, or IQRF True Low power® catapulted the IQRF-based products far beyond customers' expectations. Routing, reliably delivering data over 200+ hops in real time, security based on industrial standards running automatically without compromises, or sensor consumption pushing battery limits to boundaries defined only by the battery self-life are just a few examples of making the market expectations real.

There are no secret algorithms, no black boxes with hidden surprises in the IQRF world. Everything has been continuously described and documented. It is wholly standardized and will be soon available to any manufacturer under a royalty-free license.

Author: Ivona Spurná in category IQRF news,

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