Electronic Specifier published: Test your skills in the Wireless Challenge

The news Test your skills in the Wireless Challenge was published at Electronic Specifier. Electronic Specifier is Europe's premier publisher of information resources to the Global Electronics Industry.

The IQRF Alliance announces a worldwide contest IQRF Wireless Challenge II. 'Test your skills, create a new application for the IQRF wireless technology and compete for valuable prizes totaling €3,700'; this is a challenge for all technicians, programmers, developers and students from all over the world.

There are two categories to compete in - Developer and Student. Developers may submit any application; students should create a lighting application. Students shall be represented by schools in the IQRF Smart School programme, which is easy to enter.

The wole text published here: wireless.electronicspecifier.com/events-2/test-your-skills-in-the-wireless-challenge

Source: Electronic Specifier

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