IQRF DALI bridge in the article by TME

Proper lighting is one of the factors that influence safety and comfort in the home, office and industrial spaces. Unfortunately, year by year, the price of electric energy increases, so all its users try to reduce costs and use the energy more effectively.

One of the solutions is to replace inefficient sources of light (e.g. or halogen) with energy-efficient LED lamps. Other possibility is to invest in lighting control systems and integrate them with BMS (Building Management Systems) which enhance the level of automation and generate savings. Microrisc s.r.o, in cooperation with IQRF Tech s.r.o offers a product which brings added value to the process of creating effective wireless lighting control systems operating on the basis of the DALI standard. With an IQRF -DALI bridge you can achieve even greater savings with less work.

Article by TME

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