Watch the video: IQRF controls the locomotive in Hungary

Researchers’ Night is an annual event in Hungary when universities and research centers are open to the public providing stimulating and interesting activities that offer a lot of fun until the late hours of the night. In this year’s event instructors at Obuda University created an interactive simulator that enabled visitors to use their smartphones and to control various features of an electric locomotive that is located just outside the main entrance of Kalman Kando Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

Researchers utilized the capabilities of the IQRF-DPA network to communicate with and to instruct the locomotive’s control units. Participants were able to

  •     Turn the front lights on/off
  •     Change the color of the front lights from red to white
  •     Move up and down the pantographs of the locomotive

 Watch the video at youtube.


Author: Adéla Slezáková in category IQRF news,

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