IQRF module TR72D communicates at up to 500m distance

The new generation brings very fast integration, easy use without programming and up to twice the signal range with lower power consumption. All these benefits come with the great features of the previous generation.

New RF part of the transceiver provides higher performance and lower power consumption than DCTR-5x. Big news is the Spirit1 RF chip which can operate with 12 mW transmitting power – allows data transfer on 500 meters (in ideal environment up to 700 meters)!

These new transceivers provide significantly better selectivity and more memory. Strong protection against signal interference thanks to GMSK modulation (Gaussian Minimum Shift Keying).

Not only a new hardware but also new software features! Such as new OS 3.07, DPA 2.20, IDE 4.3 and SDK 2.1. Very fast integration with DCTR transceivers thanks to Direct Peripheral Addressing (DPA) – from months to weeks!

Low Power mode was optimized in the new generation for even lower power consumption. Power consumption in Extra Low Power mode is 23 µA only!

New features such as acknowledged broadcast, Custom DPA Handler auto-detection, selective 2bytes FRC, Peer2Peer packets and alternative DSM (CATS) channel.

Switch to the new DCTR-7xD transceivers in a very short time and with low costs. The new generation allows you to implement projects that were impossible with the old generation!

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Author: Adéla Slezáková in category IQRF news,

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